I have been very fortunate to have had people in my life that encouraged creativity.  I am naturally drawn to them; many have supported my efforts and I am ever grateful to them for it.  I had thought I might continue schooling and become an art historian or curator of a collection, but life interrupted (as it often does) and I followed a career path in business.  As a result I came late to the game of image production but once I retired I was restless to begin my study once again.

In 1992 I began painting, moving in natural progression to mixed media.  I developed a love of working with compelling imagery.  I developed an approach that has always worked for me - I do what feels right, make the images the very best that they can be and above all, learn from each and every one of them.  As is said, the eye must eat, too, but you have to learn how to cook.

Over time working in electronic media became my focus at first as a convenient way to accelerate my work but it became so much more.  A digital camera is only one of tools of image creation; I will eventually continue working with physical media and in fact many images displayed on this site are intended to become a part of future mixed media work.  

I use the moniker J. Glines ImageWorks rather than my name because it expresses to others that I am first and foremost a producer of images.  I push my envelope.  If I didn't have the luxury of a camera and software, I'd make them with a crayon.  I've done it before and I'll do it again!  But in establishing J. Glines ImageWorks I return to my love of using my imagination and instinct to produce images that make me stop and consider how to better my work.  It's work that I love and I hope you find images that excite and surprise you.  If so then this is all worthwhile.